Hearth and Home

The year has started off with a lot of positive motivation and incentives to expand! A steady pace is required for consistent momentum though, so it’s been important not to rush too much at one time. In the works are:

Weiß Alb has expanded our land with the purchase of an additional small tract of 
land adjacent to the primary property. There is an existing hedgerow already there
which will allow for private space in a wooded clearing. 

Seed saving from last year has allowed for increased planting provided they are
viable. We've also ordered some heirloom varieties of carrots, beans, and tomatoes
and are looking forward to being able to can and preserve this Fall.

The Confederation of Sachsenheim currently includes seven local hearths. Keswick
Hearth has been active in setting up some blacksmithing classes. All of the hearths
recently got together to begin bottling tonics and spent a weekend making and 
discussing herbal salves and the options for distribution. If you are interested in
our recipes (and photos!) for salves and tonics, they can be found on our blog 
and are free to use and adapt. Enjoy them!

We will be selling at the regional farmers markets and are considering setting up 
an online shop as well in order to increase our distribution areas. As homesteading
and bioregionalism is of great importance to all hearths in Sachsenheim, we have as 
a confederation chosen to develop our talents while working alongside one another 
to meet the goals and aims of each hearth. Our calendar for 2017-2018 has been sent 
out to all members with event dates and their respective addresses. 

Our blog is live! Feel free to check it out and look around. We are also now on 
Twitter @WeissAlbHearth. Stay tuned for more news!
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Weiß Alb Hearth,founded in the Fall of 2012, is a growing and thriving homestead located on the East Coast of the United States.

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