Hearth and Home

We have enjoyed a busy Spring and Summer! Workshops and the farmers market both had great turnouts, and we were honored to participate in Oktoberfest.

Keswick Hearth is preparing for their relocation to Washington and we wish them all the best as they begin to develop their expanding homestead. It will be exciting to see what they produce as they venture into beekeeping and rewilding! Their work in local sustainability has been tremendous and they will do great things in, and around, the land in their new community.


We have also experienced some unique changes to the paradigm of the Confederation which includes Weiß Alb, headed by their Chieftainess, establishing itself as a Heathen Confederation for women.

In keeping in line with the mission to see independent hearths arise and flourish, an emphasis on supporting and building up women within Heathenry is paramount to seeing that goal realized. Weiß Alb is currently developing a study program for women of all Heathen-relevant traditions that focuses on the roles and considerations of women who are practicing the reconstruction of ancient Indo-European religion and worldviews. This includes all daughter branches of Indo-European cultures. You will see this comprehensively put into place online through our blog posts in the future and links will be included for any who wish to participate. Weiß Alb is the first of its kind to lead a dedicated confederation of Heathen women, working within Reconstructionism and tribalism, in real time. These women consists of animists, artists, poets, heathens of every sort, spinners and weavers, hearth keepers, and homesteaders. They are wild women who have returned to, or found, themselves and they maintain a dedicated interest in building their own hearths according to ancient praxis.


Roots Apothecary has been instrumental in setting up tables at local events and creating spaces for hearths to display their craftsmanship. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and are excited about the opening of an online store next year. They will once again be holding a weaving and basket making workshop this Fall at the artist co-op and are in the process of developing a cookbook that focuses on the use of locally sourced and foraged ingredients. Their cookbook is slated for release in the Spring of 2018!


Please stay tuned for more updates, coming soon, and as always feel free to follow our blog located by accessing the menu at the top of this page.

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Weiß Alb Hearth,founded in the Fall of 2012, is a growing and thriving homestead located in the United States. We are a dedicated confederation of Heathen women whose primary goal is to create, via goodwill and right action, a place where women can develop their hearth praxis while reconstructing an ancient worldview as it was viewed by the Indo-Europeans and their daughter cultures. The Women of Asatru page on Facebook is being rebranded to reflect the name of Weiss Alb Hearth in order to streamline posts between our social media page and our blog. The ownership of both remain the same. We look forward to sharing more posts and articles with you soon, in the upcoming year, and have some exciting new projects that we will be sharing soon to reflect our growth and goals.

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